Category: Water Treatment

Water conditioners and chlorine removers do exactly that. They are used to prepare the aquarium water for the fish that will live in it. Chlorine must be removed before tap water is safe for the fish to live in. Water conditioners remove chlorine and other chemicals while adding health promoting substances to that aquarium water. Water conditioners should be used when setting up a new tank, changing water and whenever a fish is handled.

Fish tank medications are used to treat sick fish. They can save sick fish from death and prevent diseases from spreading to other fish. For some of the more common diseases it is a good idea to keep some basic medications on hand. Treating the tank at the first sign of a breakout is important for preventing loss of fish. By learning the signs of fish diseases and having medication available, one is always prepared should an outbreak occur.

Water testing kits provide a way to measure aquarium water for water quality. In a brand new tank these kits are important for watching the levels of ammonia, nitrites and nitrates in the water. It is recommended that the water is tested every day while a new tank is establishing a bio filter.