Category: Aquarium Decorations

Aquarium decorations can serve multiple purposes in a fish tank. The right mix of gravel, plants and other decorations can turn bare tank into a beautiful aquarium display. It is very important to get the right plants and decorations that will look great together and complement the coloration of the fish that will live in the aquarium.

Gravel and aquarium substrate not only ad color and character to a tank but is also where the bacteria grows that is vital for establishing a healthy bio filter. Some types of fish will use the substrate to dig in or create a place to protect their eggs after spawning.

Plants, rocks, driftwood and other aquarium decorations will add the finishing touches to the tank and make it into a beautiful aquarium display. Plants, rocks and driftwood also serve to provide hiding places and protection for aquarium inhabitants. Several types of aquarium fish like use rocks and driftwood to provide shelter in the form of caves and tunnels.